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Class Management

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your classroom dynamics.
  • Easily track the distribution of boys and girls in your class.
  • Access a convenient timetable for efficient time management.
  • Set up the curriculum quickly to streamline your teaching.
  • View assigned subjects at a glance for effective planning.
  • Manage assignments seamlessly within the classroom.
  • Track and assess classroom progress through detailed reports


Empowering teachers with streamlined classroom insights, Vidhyaan offers an intuitive interface providing a panoramic view of classroom dynamics. Easily manage timetables, assignments, and curriculum setup, all while tracking classroom progress efficiently, ensuring a focused and enriched teaching experience.

Attendance Management

  • Capture Attendance swiftly within a minute.
  • Automate student attendance reporting.
  • Monitor staff check-ins and check-outs.
  • Handle student leave approval requests via the inbox feature.
  • Track no-shows, leaves, and absences.
  • Notify parents about student absences through alerts.


Effortlessly track student attendance, seamless staff check-ins, manage leave approvals of students, and gain valuable insights into student attendance patterns, ensuring efficient and informed teaching practices

Exam Schedule

    • Teachers can easily create exam schedules for their classes
    • Effortlessly schedule and plan exams for each class with minimal effort
    • Make necessary changes to the exam plan flexibly until the exam day
    • Publish the exam schedule to the Students.

Exam Scheduler empowers teachers with a user-friendly platform, streamlining the entire exam planning process. It simplifies scheduling, allowing teachers to effortlessly set, adjust, and manage exam dates. With this tool, teachers ensure a well-organized and stress-free exam experience for their classes

Fee Summary

Teachers can effortlessly track defaulters and pending fees with a simple click


  • Effortlessly track the status of each student’s fees.
  • Class Admins can monitor pending fees due for each student.
  • Automatically send fee reminder alerts to parents.
  • Quickly view pending fees and total fee collections.


The Fee Summary feature serves teachers by offering a comprehensive view of each student’s fee status. It enables efficient monitoring of pending fees, automates reminders to parents, and provides quick access to overall fee collections, streamlining fee management for teachers

Vidhyaan Teacher Parent Communication

Teacher - Parent Communication

Teachers can easily send alerts at class level and at Student Level with ease

  • Seamlessly transmit alerts to students and parents, offering class and individual-level communication.
  • Schedule important announcements and swiftly communicate event cancellations.
  • Efficiently target entire classrooms or specific students with personalized messages.
  • Streamline communication by sending alerts at class and student levels effortlessly.
  • Deliver timely notifications to parents and students, whether for class-wide updates or individual matters.
  • Easily manage and dispatch alerts to specific students or entire classrooms for enhanced communication efficiency.


Vidhyaan’s Alerts & Communication features equip class admin teachers with efficient tools. Sending alerts at class or individual levels ensures timely notifications to parents and students. Scheduling announcements and swift event cancellation messages streamline communication. Whether targeting entire classrooms or specific students, teachers maintain effective channels for rapid and precise information delivery.

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