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Parents can view their child’s attendance, report cards, pay fees, receive transport alerts in real-time, and more.

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Student 360 View
Parents and students gain a comprehensive 360-degree perspective within Vidhyaan:
  • Manage contact details effortlessly.
  • View and update personal information conveniently.
  • Track fee payment records seamlessly.
  • Access alerts and notifications promptly.
  • View certificate requests swiftly.
  • Apply for leave with ease.
  • Students can view their peers’ birthday anniversaries.
  • Access holiday information conveniently
Parents and students using Vidhyaan experience an integrated platform offering comprehensive insights into their educational journey. They effortlessly manage essential information, stay updated on fee payments, and receive timely alerts and notifications. With easy access to certificate requests and streamlined leave applications, parents efficiently navigate administrative tasks, while students engage with their peers’ birthdays and access holiday schedules, all within a unified and user-friendly app interface.
Online Fee Management
  • Convenient Fee Payment: Seamlessly pay fees anytime, anywhere through the Vidhyaan app.
  • Fee Dues Checking and Online Payment: Easily check and pay fee dues conveniently within the app.
  • Invoice Access and Download: View and download invoices in PDF format for transparent financial records.
  • Automated Payment Reminders: Receive timely alerts for fee payment reminders, ensuring prompt payments.
  • Receipt Delivery: Conveniently receive fee payment receipts via email for transaction records and ease of management.
The Fee Management features in Vidhyaan offer unparalleled convenience to parents and students, enabling seamless fee payments from anywhere, at any time. With easy access to fee dues, invoices, and downloadable receipts in PDF format, users enjoy heightened transparency and streamlined record-keeping. Automated payment reminders ensure timely payments, minimizing the chances of missed deadlines. This accessibility and efficiency not only simplify fee management but also alleviate administrative burdens, offering a user-friendly and stress-free experience for parents and students alike

Experience a comprehensive academic view within Vidhyaan:

  • Access curriculum details for corresponding terms effortlessly.
  • Submit and track assignments conveniently.
  • Stay updated with alerts on pending assignments for prompt action.
  • Review detailed progress reports encompassing academics, extracurriculars, and attendance.
  • Gain insights into the overall student performance.
  • Parents can view their student’s class timetable conveniently.
In Vidhyaan’s Academic View, parents and students gain access to an enriched academic experience.
They can effortlessly navigate through curriculum details, manage assignments efficiently, and receive timely alerts for pending tasks.
Detailed progress reports offer comprehensive insights into academic performance and extracurricular involvement, providing a holistic view of the student’s progress.
Additionally, parents benefit from easy access to their child’s timetable, facilitating better planning and involvement in their educational endeavors.
Certificate Request
  • Parents have the option to request Transfer, Bonafide, and Conduct Certificates.
  • They can conveniently track the status of their certificate requests online.
  • Receive email notifications regarding the status of the requested certificates.
  • Download the certificates in PDF format for their records.
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