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School Hub

Simplify School Setup with Vidhyaan

  • Effortless School Setup in Minutes
  • Step-by-Step Guided School Configuration
  • Automated Classroom Creation
  • Effortless Student Management
  • Seamless Classroom and Subject Administration
  • Simplified Teacher, Admin, and Role Management

Academic Management

With Vidhyaan, academic management is simplified, insightful, and efficient, allowing you to prioritize the education of your students.
  • allowing you to focus on what matters most—educating your students
  • Classroom Overview
  • Gender Insights
  • Effortless Timetable Management
  • Quick Curriculum Setup
  • Grade Settings
  • Assignment Management
  • Progress Reports

Online Admission

Vidhyaan simplifies online admissions with real-time tracking, paperless processing, lead conversion, automated updates, online payments, and a parent portal for seamless tracking
  • Streamline Admissions: Track Web to Lead, Direct Visits, and WhatsApp inquiries.
  • Real-time Admission Tracking: Monitor admission statuses anytime, anywhere.
  • Paperless Admission Processing: Digitalize student records and reduce paperwork.
  • Effortless Lead Conversion: Convert online leads into enrolled students.
  • Automated Updates: Receive regular portal updates and Email reminders.
  • Online Payment Convenience: Pay admission/form fees online and access downloadable receipts.
  • Parent Portal: Empower parents to track admissions seamlessly.

Exam Scheduler

Effortlessly schedule and plan your entire exam series with Vidhyaan’s Exam Scheduler!
  • Exam Schedule Create and publish exams quickly.
  • Automated notifications for students and parents about upcoming exams and results.
  • Publish Exam Schedule with the click of a button
  • Upload/download functionality of exam schedule


Explore Vidhyaan’s Inbox Features
  • Leave Request Approval
  • Certificate Requests (Bonafide, Transfer Certificate)
  • Leave Approval Attendance
  • Regularization Data Archival

Attendance Tracker

Discover Vidhyaan’s Attendance Tracker Features:
  • Monitor Staff Attendance with Timings
  • Record Student
  • Attendance Generate Student
  • Attendance Reports
  • Track No-shows, Leaves, and Absences
  • Enable Remote Attendance for Online Schools

Explore Vidhyaan’s
Alerts & Notifications Features:

  • Plan and schedule announcements
  • Broadcast messages to the entire school, specific groups, classrooms, or batches
  • Send last-minute event cancellation notifications
  • Utilize bulk email, mobile app messaging, and web portal access for seamless communication
  • Tailor communication for individual students”

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